Stone Roses Bar Petition

A York bar has thanked the public for its overwhelming support, after thousands of people signed a petition.
The fate of the Stone Roses Bar in the city centre lies with next week’s licensing committee.
After learning that the police were raising objections and wanted to curtail its opening times, Gregg Bray who runs the bar asked for the public’s support and launched an online petition which generated over 5,000 signatures within 24 hours.
Gregg said: “It’s been a worrying time for all of the team at the Stone Roses Bar. We have worked so hard to build this business up over the past 14 years and to get these objections now has really come as a shock to us.
“To have such support from the public really means a lot. When I launched the petition I had no idea how many people would take the time to sign it or share it but we’ve well over 6,000 signatures now and I just hope that helps show the licensing committee that we have got public support.
“We are more than happy to work with the council and police with any concerns they have but limiting our hours would have a massive impact.
“We are a responsible business and we are really robust when it comes to taking action to keep people safe. We’ve one of the best CCTV set ups in the city, our door staff are on hand whenever other businesses in the area need support, we don’t allow large groups in, we support Pub Watch and Ask Angela, we even offer free taxis if we have the slightest concern about any of our guests getting home OK.
“We know there is crime in the city centre, as there is in every city centre but closing us early is not going to solve that problem. It’s a bit like restricting shop opening times to prevent shoplifting or pickpockets.
“We have asked the police to give us details of their call outs as we don’t think their figure gives the true picture but so far they have not shared the details of the call outs and action taken.”
The licensing committee hearing is due to take place on February 7 and the Stone Roses Bar has appealed to people to support them by either writing to the licensing committee at York City Council or by signing their petition